Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Director and Associate Director at Via West Campus!!

Via Services is thrilled to announce that our very own Sandy Keefe has become Via Services' Associate Director as well as the Health Care Manager at Via West Campus!!   Sandy Keefe has been with Via Services for 10 years and has her Masters Degree in Rehabilitative Nursing.  Sandy also has a daughter who attends Via West Campus.  Sandy is a familiar face to all Via West parents, as she has been the Health Care Manager at Via West and actively involved in the care of all participants. She has already been instrumental in developing the programs for weekend respites, and has taken over staffing responsibilities (among other duties).  We are so happy that Sandy has taken on these responsibilities, and we look forward to a wonderful respite season.

Sandy Keefe, MSN, RN  Associate Director and Health Care Manager at Via West

Our new Director is Leslie Davis.  Leslie is originally from the San Jose area and has resided here her entire life.  She loves the area – the people, the weather, the spirit, etc.  Her undergraduate degree is from Santa Clara University in Spanish and History in the teacher waiver program.  She started her career in teaching – ESL, Spanish, and SPED.  She moved into counseling in the public and private sector doing job development for persons with disabilities.  Having worked with both adults and children with disabilities, she then returned to school to gain her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitative Counseling and Special Education from San Jose State University.   She opened her own practice following that and provided transition, social security disability, and workers compensation to adults with disabilities.  Feeling the need to get back to the young ones, she returned to the public sector and worked as a Special Education Manager for a growing group of charter schools.  These schools served minority children in grades K through 5.  She is quite happy with the fact that she was able to establish an inclusive program serving all children of all of needs in this highly academic charter school setting.  In all of her positions, she specialized in bringing social/life skills to all clients.  She is thrilled to now be with Via Services as her beliefs completely mirror the mission of the organization.  Leslie believes in lifelong learning for EVERYONE and feels that this position will allow her to serve both adults and children in the most beautiful setting.  She is a hands on manager and is very excited to lead Via West in its’ next phase.

Leslie Davis, Director of the Via West Campus

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