Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creative You Recap

Summer 2012 at Via West is officially in the books! We just wrapped up our final session of the summer - Creative You. It was a jam packed weekend filled with maracas, yogurt pops, and cookies. We made bookmarks and flower vases and we played a rousing game of Jeopardy.

We twisted and conga lined at Friday night's dance, and we spent a little time lounging in the pool.

The highlight of the weekend was the talent show which was full of some top notch acts.

Thank you so much for sharing your summer with us, and we will miss you all....until we see you again in the fall for weekend programs, that is!!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's Explore the Seven Seas Recap

Ahoy Mateys! Via West set sail last week to explore the seven seas, and explore we did! We made sea creatures, jello fish bowls, 3D aquariums, Japanese fish mobiles, and a super scrumptious "under the sea" cake.

We went on a treasure hunt, danced with Ariel at our "Little Mermaid" dance, and we had a blast eating popcorn and playing games at the "Poseidon" carnival on the sports court.

We spent a day fishing at Lake Elizabeth, and we got up close and personal with some sea creatures at the Santa Cruz Seymour Center. We had a water cannon fight outside in the sun, and we bubbled to the surface for the talent show.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Creative You Recap

Creative You had a little something for everyone this week! Participants made flower vases, frozen pops, maracas, cookies, terrariums, and bookmarks!


We had some major fun in the sun with a water balloon fight, time spent at the pool, and a carnival, complete with a bouncy house, of course.

We really got in touch with our creative side when we visited the Children's Discovery Museum for a fun and learning filled field trip.

Creativity went through the roof as everyone showcased their talents at the talent show.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CSI Week (Kids) Recap

Something fishy is going on at Via West! Mr. Fluffy McFluff Fluff has met his untimely demise, and our CSI detectives must now track down the culprit!

Participants had a fantastic time last week working the Via West crime scene investigation, outlining bodies, and playing a live clue game. We made high protein smoothies to energize us for the manhunt through campus, rode horses, and took a much needed break to relax by the pool.

We took two amazing field trips to the Sheriff's Department and the Fire Station.

We danced one of the nights away and everyone showcased their abilities at an incredible talent show.

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