Friday, September 30, 2011

10th Morgan Autism Conference this Saturday!!

Morgan Autism Center's 10th Annual Autism Conference is this Saturday, October 1 at Santa Clara University and Via Services will be there! If autism touches your life in any way, here are several reasons why you should attend:

1) Stephen Shore - Stephen is autistic, and is able to describe with great clarity his journey from being diagnosed at four years old through graduate school and obtaining his doctorate, as well as getting married. To hear descriptions of our chaotic world seen from the perspective of a person with autism reveals much to those of us who are not autistic, but know that the world is challenging enough to the most 'normal' among us.

2) Peter Gerhart - Peter has been working with people with autism for over 30 years and has focused on adolescents and young adults, a much overlooked population. Much of the focus in the autism world in recent years has been on early intervention, but as we all know, not everyone is mainstreamed after intense early intervention. So, what does happen and what should we do to prepare for all these children who will inevitably grow up? Come hear Peter's eloquent and reasonable suggestions and interventions.

3) Jim Ball - a behaviorist in the field and author of "Early Intervention & Autism: Real Life Questions and Real Life Answers". He is also on the board of the Autism Society, and focuses on behavior, social skills, technology and trauma.

4) Shannon Des Roches Rosa and Danielle Sampson - both experts in the world of iPads and their application to people with autism. Shannon and her son Leo (who has autism) have demonstrated the power of utilizing the iPad with facilitated direction. Danielle has conducted numerous very popular workshops since the iPad came out, focusing on her expertise as a Speech Pathologist.

5) Glen Elliot, M.D. - talks inlay terms about the latest research on medications for people with autism and the when and why they should or should not be used. Glen's expertise is always sought out and he is always very willing to answer questions.

6) Jamie Marshall - Jamie will be speaking about the wonderful Boston Higashi School and their "Daily Life Therapy". The school has a unique way to capitalize on our routine oriented students and through routines and patterns teach them to function as best they can in the classroom, social and community settings.

7) Ellen Cookman, Esq. from Gilfix and LaPoll - this is always an informative presentation on how best to marshall resources for the future of a child with disabilities.

So, reason enough to attend. Hope to see you there!

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