Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Via West Launches Counselor-in-Training Program

On October 1, 2011, eight veteran Via West participants completed a four-hour training course to become Counselors-in-Training, or CITs.  Stacey Hall, Anne Berry, Kelly Anderson, Jenni Pencer, Charlie Colby, Julie Paulsen, Jessica Codromac and Samuel Hinojosa worked closely with associate director Sandy Keefe, junior counselor Ava Romero and unit director Ashley Rice to master the skills and knowledge they need to serve as coaches and mentors to their peers.
All eight passed the course with flying colors, and will begin serving as CITs during the children’s Healthy Halloween session on October 21-23 at Via West. Some will work closely with counselors and unit directors in the lodges, while others will contribute their expertise during sports, creative arts, dramatic arts and other programs. 
The CIT program is just one more example of Via’s commitment to promoting competence and independence among the clients we serve.  For information about the next CIT training course in the spring, please contact Sandy Keefe at, or 408-867-1115, extension 106.

Back Row: Stacey Hall, Ava Romero, Sandy Keefe, Anne Berry, Kelly Anderson
Front Row: Jenni Pencer, Charlie Colby, Julie Paulsen, Samuel Hinojosa, Jessica Codromac

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