Thursday, August 11, 2011

Volunteer Opportunity!

Hi everyone! A good friend of Via's (Embrace All Abilities) is putting on an indoor rock climbing program for individuals with disabilities and needs volunteers.

It seems like a very cool program and there are spots for anyone who wants to participate!

Here is the info from Jason Kunkel, Founder and CEO of Embrace All Abilities:

The program runs from August 22nd-August 26th and is from 1-2pm each day at Planet Granite Sunnyvale. We are limiting the program to 6 participants (adults and youth) so that each participant receives a sufficient amount of one-on-one or even two-on-one support.

We have 2 types of volunteer one position, volunteers belay our participants as they climb relatively high altitudes; in the other position, volunteers offer support (i.e. giving suggestions of the next rock that the participants should reach for) to participants that are "bouldering", climbing a relatively low-altitude rock structure without a harness and rope.

Volunteers that are interested in belaying are required to go through a one-hour workshop hosted by Planet Granite, and on another day become certified by Planet Granite in belay. The workshop and certification are free for our volunteers. Planet Granite has given us a host of times that are convenient for them to offer free belay lessons: ...if any of these times do not work, I could set up a special session as well.

Volunteers that wish to offer support to our participants that are "bouldering" are not required to go through any training.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Jason at the number / e-mail address below:
Jason Kunkel
Founder & CEO
Embrace All Abilities Inc.
Personal: (408) 605-1845

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