Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Across the Lifespan Feedback from Parents

Today,our adult participants checked into Via West Campus for their second session of Nutrition Across the Lifeapan.  As our participants were checking in, parents had so many nice things to say about the program and how much it has affected their home lives, and the health of their participants. 

Phyllis Bartlett told me that her daughter Julie cooked chicken cacciatore from the recipe book we provided, and served it along with a full meal for her parents' 43rd anniversary!
Julie Bartlett (far right) poses with her Nutrition Across the Lifespan fellow chefs.

Fred and Pam Tavernier raved about how much slimmer Jeanine is, how she is eating slower, and that she is choosing lots of "go foods." Pam and Jeanine are cooking their way through the cookbook we provided, marking off each recipe as they complete it.

Rowena Hinojosa said that Sam is cooperating more with his heart-healthy diet, and commented that the information we teach supports what she and Sam's dad have been trying to get across for a long time. When it comes from us at Via West, she noted, it means more to Sam. 
Samuel Hinojosa and Via West counselor at the Santa Clara Farmer's Market
 Toni Hall, Stacey's mom, spoke at length about how great this program has been for Stacey's diabetes management and weight control. She shared that she and her daughter are enjoying the cookbook and the low-fat foods in it.

All of the clients and parents that checked in this morning are very excited about the iPads we'll use this session to teach nutrition and share recipes. They were also very happy to hear about the 3rd and last session on November 18-20, saying they were pleased with the adult focus, the opportunity to cook parts of the Thanksgiving meal and the SLP and iPad opportunities. (Be sure to check our website for our upcoming Fall / Spring Via West Schedule!!)

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