Monday, December 12, 2011

Via West Enjoyed a Private Booth at Sharks Game!

Last Tuesday, December 6th, 7 Via West participants and a parent were invited to attend the Sharks vs. Minesota game in a PRIVATE SUITE!!  This event was made possible on behalf of Sharks forward Martin Havlat #9, and the Sharks Foundation. 

Our Via West participants who came were Steve Erickson and his dad Chip, Connor Dalzell and his mom Deidre, Galina Griffy and her dad David, Sander Roat-Shumway and his dad Dale, Julie Paulson and Charlie Colby (Counselors In Training) and Allie Keefe with her mom Sandy. The suite was lovely, with complimentary popcorn, honey-roasted peanuts and potato chips with dip. The group could see out across the entire arena either from comfortable sofas or chairs on the balcony. The Sharks lost 2-1 to top-ranked Minnesota Wild, so the action was cut-throat and we were all glued to the edges of our seats. Sharkie, the Sharks’ mascot, circled the ice several times, to cheers from the group.

At one point, the cameras and announcers panned to the Via West suite, identifying us as “Havlat’s Heroes” after Marty Havlat, the player who donated the suite. All the participants wrote him a lot of thank you notes on Via Services stationery, and the concierge promised to place them in a notebook for Marty to review at the end of the season.

For many of the Via West participants, it was their first Sharks game ever, and they appreciated the new experience. The group stayed engaged for the entire game, and talked all the way back to the main Via office about the novelty and excitement.

Thank you Martin Havlat and the Sharks Foundation for this wonderful experience!!

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