Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please help Via Services support children like Nicky and Gino

 Dear Families Who Care,
My name is Gino and I am a sixth grader. I have a brother with special needs and he goes to Via West Camp. Nicky is a great brother but he has some things about him that make it hard for Nick to have the same kind of life and fun as other kids. He doesn't always understand how to play games, or be a regular friend. My family loves him so much but sometimes it is difficult for him and difficult for us to have a regular day.
Gino (left) and Nicky (right)
This is why Via West Camp is so important to him!! At camp, Nicky is just himself. He is with a bunch of other kids just like him and it is like he is at home. When he gets to Camp, he runs, jumps and laughs as soon as we get out of the car. My brother loves that camp so much and it makes me and my family feel good to see him really happy like that. That is where we get a little break from Nick and he gets to have a break from us.    

He also learns many things at camp, like how to ride a horse, how to eat good foods, and do crafts, get along with others, and be in a talent show! He has made real friends there.
When I went to the camp last year it was really sad to see there were not very many kids. My mom explained that because there is not enough money in the government to help families with children like my brother, only families with extra money can afford the camp. This seems really unfair. If you don't have the money you would need the break even more because you would be working harder to pay your bills and to live. And you might not have any money for help at home with your special- needs child.
So I am asking you to please help Via West Camp. I have and so has my family, but we need more help so more special- needs kids can go there. You should see how much they all love it! That is why I am doing this and writing this letter.

Thank you!!


Won't you help people like Nicky enjoy their favorite week of the year?  Please donate to Via Services and help us serve even more children, teens, and adults with disabilities and special needs.  By donating $50 this holiday season, you will be ensuring that Via West Campus serves more children, teens, and adults with disabilities and special needs.  

 Thank you and Happy Holidays from Via Services.

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