Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wild Wild West Recap

Howdy partners! Last weekend, Via West took a trip to the Wild West and our participants had a darn tootin good time learning how to act as proper cowboys and cowgirls. After kicking off the weekend with a western style campfire, we rode horses, learned how to square dance, and got up close and personal with some animals from the petting zoo.

Deli Dave and the kitchen staff provided us with a Chuck Wagon lunch, and then we had a visit from Clover the Cow, learned how to milk cows & goats, and we even panned for gold.

Later, we participated in some rodeo events, like the bull lasso, and then we put our square dancing skills to the test at our hootenanny of a Barn Dance. We also played some cowboy games, learned with iPads, and enjoyed the talent show.

To see more pictures from this weekend, please visit our Facebook page.

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