Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zoo-Fest Recap

Lions, tigers, and Via West staff members, oh my! Things got a little wild at the March 8th Zoo-Fest weekend, as we surrounded ourselves by all things four-legged, no-legged, covered with fur, and covered with scales. We kicked things off Friday night with our opening campfire, and then jumped right into all of the animal fun on Saturday with a field trip to the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

We got up close and personal with all sorts of creatures, revved up our adrenaline with the roller coaster and other rides, and had fun hanging out with and making new friends.


Once back on campus, we spent some craft time painting animal key chains and stitching zebra puppets to bring home. Afterwards, we all let our wild sides roar with the Animal Ball.


On Sunday morning, we played an animal name game, went on a camouflage and endangered animal scavenger hunt, learned with iPads, and expressed ourselves through the talent show.

To see more pictures from the weekend, please visit our Facebook page.

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