Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AGC Santa Clara County wins Award for Work at Via West Campus

When AGC of California’s Santa Clara District was looking for a deserving community service organization that would benefit from its members’ expertise, it identified many worthy candidates, but one stood out in particular. That was our Camp Costanoan (now Camp Via West).

Filling a Need
The Santa Clara District board of directors first visited the aging facility in 2007 and immediately knew they wanted to help. “There is a big need for camps like this in the Bay Area,” comments 2011 District Chair Dave Perry, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Central Concrete Supply Co. “We’ve ended up kind of taking this camp under our wing as an ongoing commitment by our chapter.”

The board worked with Executive Director Kay Walker to determine where AGC member services could best assist and initially identified the camp’s Sports Court. While it provides campers a much needed facility to exercise, the court’s asphalt surface was in very poor, nearly unusable condition. Just repairing the surface would not allow many of those in wheelchairs, walkers or other walking supports to use the court.
Research suggested a product that would overlay the asphalt and would be both forgiving and would provide a long life with minimal repairs required. A number of AGC Santa Clara District members, including Hensel Phelps Construction Co., Blach Construction, Rosendin Electric, Robert A. Bothman, and Penhall Company, stepped up to offer significant contributions assisting with resurfacing the existing asphalt and installing the new court and lighting.

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